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'Morning Puppa' by P. Anastasia

 In the Summer of 2021, I received an e-mail enquiry from an author named Philomena Anastasia. It was one of the many e-mail enquires I was dealing with daily at that time. The world was still somewhat in the midst of the Covid pandemic, and we were all stuck at home, missing our friends and family. And, I think, due to having more time on their hands, many people began to focus on creative projects. As a result of this, I was dealing with quite an upturn in enquiries, many of them not completely serious (or perhaps many were just quite unaware of the time and cost involved in illustrating a picture book). However, this particular enquiry made me feel that familiar little sparkle inside...  This was not only a serious enquiry, but also, I had a feeling it was going to be a project I would really enjoy.  Philomena is an experienced author, mainly known for her young adult books and fantasy novels, but this time, she was enquiring about illustration work for a children's picture bo

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